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Short Bio:

“Don” Diego Geraci, after 20 years of continuous activity with the neo rockabilly band called the Adels, decided to put together his own trio where the various musical influences that have characterized his style can merge in an unique show.

Rockabilly, country, western swing, blues and rock and roll meet the typical “Italian taste” of the Sicilian guitarist-singer-entertainer.

You will enjoy the sound of a solid rhythm section (with Giulio Farinelli on the upright bass and Andy Caligaris on drums), tight and always danceable, together with the virtuosity of the leader.

Since then they recorded several albums, including one in Austin Texas (called “Greetings From Austin”) and one at the Sun Records Studios in Memphis Tennessee, toured all around the Europe and the USA. They also backed artists like Dale Watson, Bill Kirchen, Deke Dickerson, Ray Campi, Marti Brom, Carl Sonny Leyland, Bobby Wilson, Charlie Gracie, Hayden Thompson, Johnny Powers, Sonny George, Eddie Angel, Bob Wayne, Kristyn Harris, Tammi Savoy and many many others.

The filmaker Vittorio Bongiorno produced a documentary about the Don Diego's experience in Texas, the documentary is titled "Greetings From Austin" and is still available on Sky Arte.

Their motto is “Let The Twang Get To You”.

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